8" Drifter Hoverboard Swegways

The Bluefin 8” Drifter is the next step-up from the Bluefin 6.5” Classic. It comes with rapid 8” wheels, LED wheel arch lights and built-in bluetooth speakers, giving you the ultimate swegway experience. The Drifter is perfect for all flat surfaces, but unlike the Classic, due to larger wheels and better ground clearance, it can handle gravelled paths and rougher terrains. The Drifter can be used by all ages, it is an ideal entry level board giving you the freedom to roam both indoors and outdoors over a variety of terrains.

As with all Bluefin boards, the 8” Drifter is built using premium quality components, giving you a board like no other. The Samsung battery and German motors give you a whopping 10km range from just one single charge!

The Drifter allows you to stand out from the crowd and is a swegway designed to last for years. With our extensive list of colours and finishes, the 8” Drifter is a massive head turner. Colours include; White, Red, Blue, Black, Pink, Green Chrome, Pink Chrome, Blue ChromeGold Chrome & Silver Chrome. Each swegway comes with an awesome bluetooth speaker, waterproof carry bag and full one year warranty as standard.

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