10" Cobra Hoverboard Swegways

The Bluefin 10” Cobra is the largest swegway in the Bluefin range, being an absolute monster off-road! The 10” Cobra is really a “Souped-up” version of the 6.5” Classic, complete with SUPERSIZED 10” inflatable wheels and flared wheel arches, you will stand out from the crowd wherever you ride. The inflatable tyres offer suspension for the board when being ridden, giving the user a smooth ride, even over the most demanding and rough terrains.

The Cobra is an impressive sight, it is a lot bigger than the Classic model and its solid and sturdy frame inspires confidence in any rider. With its LED lights and built-in bluetooth speaker, you are bound to be the envy of all your friends riding this immense swegway!

Despite its huge size, the Cobra is still as nimble as our smaller models. The Cobra is still capable of the same huge range whilst also benefitting from being able to climb some impressive gradients!

Alongside its awesome looks and capabilities, the Cobra has the same high-quality and high-performance components as our other hoverboards. With our long-lasting, UK certified and tested Samsung Lithium-ion Battery and top of the range circuit board, the Cobras riding experience lives up to its dazzling exterior!

The 10” swegway is available in a range of colours, including; White, Cartoon, Flame, Black Carbon & Gold Chrome.

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