6.5" Classic Hoverboard Swegways

Our 6.5” Classic Swegway range is a great option for kids & adults alike; it’s available in 8 different colours & some crazy cool finishes too!

The most popular model in the Bluefin range & possibly ever: the 6.5″ Classic is a high-tech, no-fuss winner for every hoverboard rider.  As with any classic, the 6.5” shines in its stylish versatility & long-lasting appeal to a broad range of users.

The hypersensitive gyro-sensors make it an excellent choice for smaller riders closer to 20 kg while enabling it to turn on a knife’s edge for full-sized riders. Your own little street racer on 2 horizontal wheels, from age 8 to 80 – the 6.5” Classic goes with you as you grow!

Safety You Can Trust

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