8.5" Slick & All-Terrain Hoverboard Swegways

Bluefin’s 8.5” Slick Terrain (Sport) & All Terrain (Rugged) hoverboards have been painstakingly designed to shine in the wettest, most technical conditions. For more difficult urban riding, Slick Terrain’s superb grip & high-speed performance on wet roads can’t be beaten. For off-roading, the more rugged All Terrain option trounces cross-country scenarios with its monster 4×4 style tyres. These ‘go-anywhere’ hoverboards take riders through a range of mud, gravel or grass with an impressive waterproof certification (IP56 standards) while our hardcore, gunmetal grey body helps you clobber the tough stuff. More demanding riders will enjoy covering technical ground on hoverboards designed to last a lifetime during the slickest and most rugged adventures.

Safety You Can Trust

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