8.5" All-Terrain Hoverboard Swegways

Explore the outdoors and cruise off-road with the Bluefin All-Terrain! Whether you’re travelling along gravelly paths, up grassy hills or through muddy terrain, the All-Terrain has got you covered! With its IP56 Waterproof Certified casing and higher ground clearance the All-Terrain is the ultimate off-road machine.

The All-Terrain swegway features 8.5” rugged tread tyres to assist you in your off-road adventures, alongside a powerful Samsung Lithium-ion battery that will give you all the power you need for those steep gradients!

The All-terrain hoverboard comes in a hard wearing black and grey combo, with its beaming LED front lights this epic machine will turn heads wherever you go. The board also comes with in-built bluetooth speaker so you can listen to your favourite tunes whilst you cruise off-road!

With all the same high-quality components as our Classic, Drifter and Cobra boards but with an extra resilient outer-shell, this board is perfect for people who love to go off the beaten track! Get yours today!

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