How To: Ride and Use your hoverboard safely

Hoverboards are classed as vehicles. This means that like with a car, there is a certain amount of responsibility when owning and riding a board! We have put together a lift of Do’s and Don’ts in order for you to enjoy your board safely!

Make sure your board is fully charged before riding
We recommend charging for around 2 hours.

Ensure your board is on flat ground before you step on.

Always get on and off the board one foot at a time.

Make sure you have come to a complete stop before stepping off your board.

Watch out for pedestrians, obstacles and uneven ground.
Before you take your board out in congested areas, ensure you have practised and feel comfortable on your board.

When learning to ride make sure you are in a safe place away from obstacles. We recommend you practice indoors or in an enclosed garden area, to begin with. Children should be under supervision.

When riding the hoverboard make sure it is in a responsible manner, be aware of your surroundings.

Make sure that you keep your board clean, dry and free from debris.
And most of all, be safe, and have fun!

Watch out for puddles and mud! Unless you’re on our All-Terrain board which is Semi-submersible (IP56 Waterproof Certified)
Avoid riding sand with your Bluefin boards, they are not built for these types of terrain.


Don’t ride your board irresponsibly, you could injure yourself, and potentially break your board! Don’t ride your hoverboard on public roads or pavements. Find out more about the legality of hoverboards here.


Don’t remove the boards casing or attempt any repairs as this will invalidate your warranty. We offer a one year warranty with all new boards – and will still repair after the warranty ends!

Don’t use a third-party power supply! If you have lost your charger, we sell replacements! Give us a call on 01422 400077.

Don’t ride on extreme gradients or extreme terrain, extreme gradients and terrain can cause injury to the user and damage to your board.