How to: Recalibrate your Swegway


Occasionally your Bluefin swegway may need to be manually re-set, this takes it back to the original factory settings and enables you to reset the balancing sensors. Your board may need recalibrating every few weeks if you use it continuously. Over time the sensors may get out of sync, recalibrating your board means that you will get the best out of your hoverboard!

We have put together a handy guide to help you recalibrate your Bluefin Swegway:

Firstly, make sure your Bluefin board is fully charged before recalibration – to ensure this the light on your charger will have gone from red to green.

Then turn your board off. Your swegway needs to be turned off by the silver power button, not put into sleep mode by the remote. Do this by pressing and holding down the silver power button until the board is powered down.


Now for the most important part! You need to ensure that your board is level, as the level you set it at is the level that it will be when it is recalibrated. To make sure it is level check that the grooves on the side of the board line up. Some people even use a spirit level to make sure their board is completely flat!



After you have done that, hold down the power button for 30 seconds. A blue light should begin flashing under your board, let this continue for 30 seconds.


Finally, turn off your board and then complete the recalibration reset by switching your hoverboard back on.

You will now be ready to go!