How To: Getting Started

So you’ve looked through all of our swegway models & found the perfect board for you. Now comes the easy part… riding it! Stepping on to your hoverboard looks daunting at first, but we promise that within 10 minutes you’ll be a pro! You may be a bit wobbly at first, I mean we all saw how Mike Tysons first time on a hoverboard went…

Have a look at our handy guide to getting started & you will be gliding around in no time.



Step 1.

Place your board on level & smooth ground.


STEP 2a.

Turn the board on by pressing the power button, ensure that you hear the ‘beep’ before stepping on. The sound indicates that the board is balanced & ready to ride…



Please do not step on the board until it is powered on & you have the heard the ‘beep’.


Step 3.

Step on the board by placing one foot on the corresponding footplate. When you feel comfortable, place your other foot on the board, the board will now begin to self-balance.



Once you are balanced comfortably on the board it will remain stationary. A small movement forwards or backwards will start the board moving. You can now start to ride your board!



Turning the board is done by counter-stepping or ‘push-steering’. To turn left you must put forward pressure on the right footpad with your right foot. To turn right you must put forward pressure on the left footpad with your left foot.


Step 6.

When dismounting, bring the board to a full stop & step off backwards one foot at a time. Please practice this move using a doorway or wall for stability at first, until you become more confident dismounting.