How To: Charge Your Hoverboard

Before we talk about HOW to charge your Bluefin Hoverboard, it makes sense to talk about the battery and charger that you are using!


After the hoverboard scandal in (Christmas 2015) we wanted to clear up a few things about our boards and how they charge. We recommend that you charge your board for 2-3 hours, but do not worry about leaving your board charging. All Bluefin chargers have a cut-off circuit, which, as soon as the board is fully charged stops the flow of electricity to the board preventing any chance of the battery or charger overheating. Find out more about our chargers here.


Every single one of our Bluefin Hoverboards is powered using genuine Samsung Lithium Ion batteries. To ensure the upmost quality and safety, we have had our batteries fully tested and verified in the UK, by an Independent Test Centre. Find out more about our batteries here.


Highest quality Samsung battery – CE & UL Certified with built-in protection circuit.


Every battery comes with a unique serial number and is tested to ensure conformity, safety and quality.


Our built-in protection circuit ensures the battery stops drawing power when fully charged.

Charging your Hoverboard


Step 1.

Ensure the board is switched off.


Step 2.

Before charging carefully ensure that none of the pins on the charging port of the board are bent or damaged in any way.


Step 3.

Line up the groove on the charging cable with the groove on the charging port on the board.


Step 4.

Carefully insert the charging cable into the charging port on the board. Ensure the grooves are aligned and that the pins are inserted correctly.


Step 5.

The light on the charging adapter will be red once the board is charging.


Step 6.

Once the board is fully charged the light on the adapter will turn green.