How to: Use your Bluetooth Speaker

We are often asked; where is my Bluetooth speaker, it is not in the box!? Often customers assume that you receive a separate Bluetooth speaker along with you Bluefin Hoverboard! The speaker is in fact incorporated into you hoverboard, meaning you can ride and play music at the same time, with ease!

It is super easy to connect your device to your hoverboard, in order to play your tunes!



Step 1.

Firstly, ensure your device (whether it be a phone or music device) has Bluetooth turned on and the device is “discoverable”


Step 2.

Then turn your Bluefin Hoverboard ON. Do this by pressing and holding the silver button on the back of the board. The Bluetooth module simply turns on automatically once your board is powered up.


Step 3.

Finally, from the settings on your phone or device connect to “N30”- this is the name of your hoverboard. Your phone or device will now be connected to the board and you are ready to go! Simply press play and enjoy your tunes whilst you ride.