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8 Drifter Black Carbon Hoverboard Swegway

Bluefin™ 10″ Cobra Hoverboard Swegway In Black Carbon with Integrated App

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✅ Bluefin’s Intelligent mobile app included
✅ Certified SAFE, tested by top UK accredited test centre
✅ 1 year DELUXE warranty + support & UK-based customer service
✅ Genuine 16 cell Samsung battery with CE certified SAFE plug & charger
✅ Integrated Bluefin Bluetooth 2.0 speaker +  LED sonic-light upgrade
✅ Hypersensitive gyro-sensors for an insanely smooth & responsive ride
✅ Free & reliable standard delivery to UK & Ireland
✅ As seen on The Gadget Show + ridden by Ant & Dec


Bluefin™ 10″ Cobra Hoverboard (Black Carbon)

Tackle tougher, steeper terrain with ease on Bluefin’s 10” Cobra swegway! Riders of all sizes will enjoy the suspension-like feel of the Cobra’s inflatable tyres as they comfortably conquer wilder, dry terrain. A mega 10” ground clearance allows the Cobra to easily dominate grassy fields & angled surfaces. The Cobra is our largest & most versatile board offering a steeper climbing gradient & the highest weight limit possible while maintaining hypersensitive gyro-sensors that can also easily accommodate pint-sized hoverboarders too. Make mince of tough & dry terrain with Bluefin’s 10” Cobra.

The 10” Cobra combines upgraded silent drive motors & the Bluefin Smart Chip with German engineering making the board capable of mind-blowing speeds up to 15 km/h. A top-notch, long-life Samsung battery with 16 cells enables the board to travel up to an incredible 6 hours or 10km on a single 2 hour charge. The 10” Cobra dominates more difficult & dry terrain like steeper surfaces & taller grass. Make mince of tough & dry terrain with the Bluefin Cobra!

  • Up to 6 hours ride time from a single 2 hour charge
  • Mind blowing 10-15 km/h speed
  • Generous weight range: 20 kg Min to 120 kg Max
  • Dominates hills up to maximum gradient of 15 degrees
  • Sturdy but manageable 12 kg board: Dimensions: 65 cm x 29 cm x 26 cm
  • Suspension-like 10″ inflatable tyres provide smooth ride for off road adventures
  • Mega powerful 200W German designed silent-drive motors
  • Intelligent Bluefin smooth ride App packed with fantastic features
  • Integrated Bluefin Bluetooth 2.0 speaker for music on the fly
  • Sonic-bright LED lights to brighten your night-time ride
  • Genuine Samsung 16 cell rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Safe & UK approved CE certified BS1363 3 pin UK charger
  • Tested & verified 100% safe by top UK approved test house


Bluefin™ Swegway Hoverboards – The only hoverboard brand you know you can trust.

Looking for a safe & reliable hoverboard from a trustworthy, family-run company with the most outstanding quality & customer service track record in the UK? Look no further – Bluefin™ is the safest & most dependable brand available on the market & we will never let you down. Our boards are built using the highest quality components & as you’ll see, we don’t scrimp on the details: German engineered silent drive motors, Samsung lithium-ion long-life batteries, ultra responsive gyro-sensors & heavily fortified outer-casing. What does this mean?! It means you’ll have a super smooth & uber responsive ride every time on a board designed to take your for miles & last you for years. All Bluefin™ hoverboards come with integrated LED lights & Bluetooth speaker so you can pump your music & light up your ride on the move.



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