Certification and Compliance Documents

At Bluefin we have ensured strict compliance since the onset of selling back in 2015 and we have been fully compliant and established longer than any other UK seller.

We have around 1000 pages of documentation and technical files, all compliant and verified by a UK Certified Test House.

We have stock batch tested for compliance and safety in a UK test centre. You will not find a bad word about our company online. Just make sure you check others before considering purchase – type the “company name” + reviews into Google. 1 and 2 star reviews will usually mean you are buying a poor quality product with little to no customer service.

To ensure your board is fully compliant to all European standards, the board must have a rating plate sticker on the bottom of the board and unique serial number which matches your Swegway to a certain batch. All Bluefin boards have full rating plate and serial number which most other sellers do not have.

Intertek, is the worlds most renowned testing centre. We have full reports and certification available upon request – just drop us an email and we can send you our .zip file over with all documents for peace of mind.

You can find all our CE certified, fully compliant Swegway Hoverboards here, every model we stock is certified and tested to ensure safety and trust – 6.5 Classic, 8 inch Drifter, 10 inch Cobra, 8.5 inch All-Terrain.