Why us?

Buying a safe and reliable Swegway in the UK is currently very confusing and difficult. We have comprised 5 key point to consider when choosing which Swegway to buy

1. Make sure you are buying from an Established UK based company

Check at the bottom of the webpage for the companies registered company number and address – you can check the status of the company with a quick google search.

If there is no registered company number, you will most likely be buying from a fraudulent seller and you will not get your product – if you do get it, it will not be CE certified and safe.

Last time we checked, we were the only online retailer to display this and actually have a legitimate established UK company.

Bluefin Trading Ltd


2. Check with the seller that the Swegway is CE compliant

Lots of sellers state that they have CE certified Swegways, however, from our research 95% are non compliant to CE standards and pose a risk to the end user.

Things to check to ensure CE compliance:

  • Does the seller clearly display CE certifications on their website?
  • Is there a CE ratings sticker, including the model number on the Swegway itself (we are the only UK to seller to have this)?
  • Has the seller had UK testing carried out and can they share the certificates?

If the answer is no to any of the above questions, then you will be buying a non-safe  and non CE compliant dangerous Swegway.

We display all our certification on our website, all of our boards have rating plates with CE stamp and unique serial number, we have had our boards tested in an approved UK test facility to ensure CE compliance.

Bluefin rating plate shown below:

Bluefin Swegway CE Rating Plate

3. Check in detail the shipping policy

We are seeing many websites popping up with unclear shipping policies and bad English grammar. These websites are based in China and will try and hide the fact that shipping will take 30-45 days – you would also be buying a non safe non compliant product if you purchase from these sites.

We ship same day before 2pm and will guarantee next working day delivery via our dedicated couriers.

4. Reviews – and we mean genuine customer reviews….

Many sellers will write fake reviews on their own websites which are unregulated and completely made up. To get an idea of actual customer experiences, go onto Google and search the company name + REVIEWS, this will give you a better idea of the companies product and customer service (we have found all other sellers to have 3 out of 5 stars or less on genuine review sites.

Click on the REVIEW tab above  – or search our company in google with “FEEFO” to see our genuine customer reviews…. Needless to say we have 5/5 stars and 100% feedback for both product and customer service!

Feefo Bluefin Swegway Reviews


5. If you are in any doubt, call up the company

Most sellers won’t display a contact number (do not buy from these sellers). If they do, you will most likely get through to a foreign call centre on non British speaking customer service agent. Give them a call, make sure they are genuine.

We are based here in West Yorkshire, we are a family run business and happy to help.