Sports on Swegways

It’s with no doubt that Swegways have gained popularity around the globe. From young teenagers to daredevils, these self-balancing scooters have taken the generations with a storm.
Among their many uses, some people are adopting them into different sports. However, there is no sporting body that has officially adopted the Swegways as part of their sporting kits. This has not stopped some of the people from trying them out. Let’s have a look at some of the sports done with Swegways.

Football on Swegways

Some people have taken football a step further by trying to play football while on the Swegways. Some of these recorded videos show some very breathtaking skills performed by these talented individuals.

You can watch this video to see different skills performed by these guys using Swegways.

Basketball on Swegways

Let’s be honest, you don’t expect to see Kevin Durant or Dwayne Wade face off each other on the court on Swegways. But this hasn’t stopped others from trying this. It’s not easy to play on these wheels and perform slum dunks, but it pretty much fun. Watch these guys have fun playing basketball on Swegways.

Swegway Racing

You won’t cruise like a Ferrari, but without a doubt, you are going to have fun doing it. You need a clear area to avoid accidents. It’s a good sport to enjoy with your buddies. Wear protective gear to avoid any injuries in case of an accident. Watch how it’s done here;

Swegway Hockey

These guys are CRAZY – check out the Dudeson’s playing hockey on Swegways! You don’t need ice to enjoy a nice Hockey in your backyard. As you can see from the video, Swegway doesn’t perform very well on ice.
Check these guys out

Hoverboard American Football (The Dudeson’s)

Let’s get one thing straight, you won’t sprint like Peyton Manning. You won’t tackle your opponent like in the Super bowl. Trying this game without a professional and an emergency kit around is dangerous.
Check out what can go wrong if you are not careful.

Playing any sport on Swegway requires you to be extremely careful as there are dangers involved. If you want to try any sport on Swegway, please make sure you take all safety precautions to avoid injury.

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