Milking Cows on a Bluefin Hoverboard?!

Milking cows on a Hoverboard?!

A strange sight to behold, and not the way we thought our Hoverboard would be used! Edward Towers, a farmer from Lancashire has been using his 6.5” Classic Bluefin Hoverboard to assist him with milking his cows.

If you haven’t seen the video already, check it out here!

The Hovering Cow Caretaker

Edward not only uses his Bluefin Hoverboard not only get the job done faster but also to ease the strain on his joints.

“Until around a year ago, I would play rugby and farm as much as possible until I began to have severe chronic pain in my leg.”

He then continued: “Around this time last year I stopped milking altogether and stopped playing rugby. I had been going to physio for several months and they advised me to get a specialist opinion. After x-rays, the specialist diagnosed me with arthritis in my right hip and I expect to get a replacement sometime in 2017.”

After trying out a Bluefin Hoverboard at his friend’s house, Edward thought that it would be handy to help him with milking.

“I had ridden one at a friend’s house and thought to myself that this could be used for milking. Then, after watching the BBC TV programme The Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve, where they use technology to help much more disadvantaged people than me, I got the confidence to buy one and have a go.

You can read the full article here! 

Getting the job done on a Bluefin Hoverboard

Bluefin Hoverboards can reach up to 15km/h, so nipping around his farm is easy. Also, the super sensitive gyros also enable you to turn in an instant. So this means that quick on your feet jobs are easily accomplished.

This crazy idea has helped productivity on Edward’s farm.

“Milking usually takes three hours although this morning with my new wheels it took 2.5 hours.” Edward is also planning to add more Hoverboards to his farm equipment; “I’m looking forward to my father and a few of the other members of the team having a go soon!”

Well, we have seen it all! Not only are people using Bluefin Hoverboards to mow grass, hoover and snow shovel their drives… They are now being used for farm work!

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