Hoverboard 6.5 vs 10 : Which should I buy?


It can be tricky to make a big purchase when you can’t see the product until you click buy. Many of you are also making the choice for a child and want to be sure you get it right. One board isn’t better than the other, it all comes down to what you’ll be using them for.  

One of the most common questions we hear from our customers is:

“Should I buy the 6.5” or the 10″ hoverboard?”

child rides 6.5 hoverboard
Small fry rides our Bluefin Classis 6.5 hoverboard

The Main Differences

Whether you’re buying a hoverboard for a 10 year old or yourself, the size of the tires and the look of the board are 2 of the most important factors. To help you make the decision between our 2 most popular hoverboards, first we’ll outline the main differences.

  1. Size – 6.5” and 10” refer respectively to the size of the Classic’s and the Cobra’s wheels. As such, the 6.5” is considerably lighter and lower than the 10”.
  2. Colours and finishes – Coolness is in the eye of the beholder. The 6.5” Classic comes in more colours and has a couple of metallic options too. The 10” Cobra comes in less colours but does have a pretty cool carbon finish available.
  3. Tires – With it’s larger wheel size, the 10” Cobra accommodates inflatable rubber tires. These are great for uneven, outdoor surfaces. The 6.5” Classic has hard rubber wheels which are ideal for speed and agility on flat, smooth surfaces and indoors.
Adult rides 6.5 Bluefin Classic Hoverboard
Adult rides 6.5 Bluefin Classic Hoverboard

Where do they perform best?

Now that you know the basics about what differentiates the boards, let’s talk about the ideal conditions for each. In a nutshell, the Cobra’s wheel clearance and rubber tires are better for outdoor conditions. They allow it to travel over uneven surfaces smoothly and let you cruise over taller grass. They also grip the ground and absorb bumps like a champ.

On the other hand the Classic will be most fun for indoor use due to its smaller, harder wheels.  Using a board with large wheels makes movement in in smaller spaces feel restricted and the 6.5” doesn’t have this issue. It’s also worth noting that inflatable tires aren’t as sharp a ride on indoor surfaces like carpeting whereas the Classic’s hard rubber wheels won’t slow you down inside. Think Mountain bike tires versus road bike tires.

Adult rides Bluefin 10 Cobra Hoverboard
Adult rides Bluefin 10 Cobra Hoverboard


10” Cobra                                 

  • Tall grass
  • Uneven, outdoor surfaces
  • Gravel drives
  • Hills and steep inclines
  • Cobblestone and brick
  • Hills

6.5” Classic

  • Private paths
  • Paved drives
  • Kitchen floors
  • Low pile carpeting
  • The great indoors


kids ride 6.5 classic bluefin hoverboard source - hayley kopter
Kids riding 6.5 classic Bluefin hoverboard source Source – @Hayleykopter


Who are they for?

The last consideration to make is who will be riding the board. Both hoverboards are highly sensitive and extremely responsive to even lightweight riders of just 20 kg. Both boards also accommodate adult riders if you’d like to take a spin yourself. That said, a smaller rider may feel more exposed on a higher board. The same person would feel more securely planted on a platform that is lower to the ground.

  • Small children closer to 20 kg will feel more secure on a smaller board
  • Larger riders have the luxury of choice unless they are over 100kg in which case the 10” Cobra would be more comfortable
  • The 6.5” Classic is easier to carry and lighter weight if you intend to travel with it

As we said, one board isn’t better than the other. It really does come down to what you’ll be using them for. Hopefully answering the eternal question of “which hoverboard should I buy?” will be far easier to answer now. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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