Bluefin Hovershoes: Leeds University Parkour

Hovershoes: What you need to know

We thought we would write another blog post to tell you a little bit more about our Hovershoes. 

But, first of all, check out this awesome video of them in action.

Leeds University Parkour: Bluefin Hovershoes

As you can see in this awesome video, they are super easy to carry, ride and have fun on. They may take a bit of practice but once you get the hang of them, you can do some awesome stuff like this!

Next level moves

But, before you start doing handstands or parkour on your cool new Hover shoes. You will need to know how to ride them safely first.

How to Ride the Hovershoes

Riding Hovershoes is very similar to riding a Hoverboard. It is the same technology used after all!

Here are basic instructions to get you started on your Bluefin Hovershoes. 

  1. Place your Hovershoes in front of you on the smooth and level ground.
  2. Turn each Hovershoe on by pressing the power button, ensure you hear the “beep” before stepping on. The sound indicates that the Hovershoes are balanced and ready for you to ride.
  3. Then step on to your Bluefin Hovershoes by placing one foot on the first Hovershoe. When you feel comfortable place your other foot on the “shoe”. We describe the motion as walking up the stairs – as you just step one foot at a time on to the board.
  4. Once you are balanced comfortably, a small movement backward or forwards on the board will start you moving!
  5. Make sure to keep your head up whilst you are riding, looking down at your feet will unbalance you!
  6. Turning the board is done by “push-steering”. To turn left simply put weight on to your left foot and to turn right put weight on your right foot.
  7. When dismounting your Bluefin Hovershoes make sure you bring them to a full stop. Then step off backward one foot at a time – as if you were going back down the stairs.

When you have mastered the basics you can build up your confidence until you can perform awesome tricks like the guys in the above videos.

How to order?

Our first batch doesn’t land until August 30th, and even then we have a limited amount arriving.

We strongly recommend that you pre-order to ensure you get a pair.

Pre-Order here:



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