Bluefin Hoverboards and Hovershoes: ALL About Extended Warranties

Extended Warranties on ALL Bluefin Hoverboard Products

Bluefin Hoverboard offers extended warranties across all of our products! It is something that we have done for a while, but we just wanted to clear a few things up.

First of all. What is an Extended Warranty?

An extended warranty means that your warranty starts from the day the board is opened. Whether that be on a birthday day or on Christmas Morning.

Your warranty will begin on the date that you inform us of. Therefore, this means that your standard 12-month warranty will not begin on the day you received the board, but on the day that it will be opened!

So, if you want to take advantage of one of our awesome deals, grab a pre-order or just want to be super organised. This is a great option for you!

Why are Extended Warranties so great?

As we told you in our last blog post about warranties, extending your warranty is great for tons of reasons.

Extended warranties allow you to:

  • First of all, get super organised!
  • Are able to buy when we have great offers on, ensuring that you get the best price!
  • Grab one of our amazing flash Daily Deals
  • Make sure that you get full use out of your 12-month warranty
  • Ensure you get your hoverboard of choice
  • You can also cross one more thing off your to do list!

How do I get my Bluefin Extended Warranty?

Right, the most important part. How do you extend your warranty?

All you have to do it head to our Contact Us page and fill in our form.

If you let us know the information below, the process will be super easy for our team:

  1. Your order number
  2. Your name
  3. The date that you want the warranty to start from

Or alternatively, email all that information to

Then someone will get back to you confirming your warranty request.

PLEASE NOTE, CHRISTMAS WARRANTIES CAN ONLY BE EXTENDED FROM AUGUST 30TH. (This means that ALL Bluefin Hovershoes can have extended Christmas Warranties)

How do I claim on my extended warranty?

Here at Bluefin, we store all our extended warranty requests online. So, if you need to raise a warranty request, simply contact us via our Contact Us page or our email address with your order number as a reference and we will have all of your information available to us.

So, have any questions about our warranty? Email us here!

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