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Warranty A lot of hoverboard companies say they offer a warranty, but when something then goes wrong with the product, customers are often lumbered with repair and part costs. We believe it is worthwhile buying a hoverboard from a reputable company, not only because you receive a better-quality product, but

Top 5 Olympic Sports on a Swegway

You’re probably watching the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and wondering how all these sports can be made more interesting. Suddenly it dawns on you. Put them on a Swegway!

Here are our top five Olympic sports on a Swegway. These self-balancing electric two-wheeled scooters would certainly bring in more viewers, and perhaps even some budding future Olympians.

#5: Basketball
Okay, so there won’t be any jumping, but scooting around the court and being able to make tight turns is an advantage. Less chance for sideline spectators and officials to be taken out by a player hurtling towards them, too.

#4: Gymnastics
Gymnasts have such great strength and balance already, adding the element of a couple of wheels shouldn’t faze them one bit.

#3: Fencing
Fencing on a Swegway could be interesting, to say the least. The sport requires exceedingly rapid reactions, not too easily accomplished on two wheels.

#2: Football
You can still header and kick the ball just like before. The risk of shin and ankle injuries is greatly reduced. I just feel sorry for the goalie.

#1: Track & Field
Check out this extereme 7 man Swegway race. Looks like epic fun with your friends.