How Hoverboards Work: Self Balancing Technology


What is Self-Balancing Technology?

All of our Bluefin Hoverboards use Self Balancing Technology. We often get asked what this is, what the term means and how it works within our boards. We thought we would answer these questions for you!

Self Balancing Technology

The technology itself is not new. It has been used in tech based products for years now. These products include; smartphones, game controllers, and hoverboards!

The key to the self-balancing technology is in the gyroscope. Or gyros. Gyroscopes were invented many years before hoverboards. The technology dates to ancient Roman times!

Def: Gyroscope – a device consisting of a wheel or disc mounted so that it can spin rapidly about an axis. Which is itself free to alter in direction. The orientation of the axis is not affected by tilting of the mounting. Gyroscopes can be used to provide stability or maintain a reference direction.

How does it work?

As mentioned above in the definition of a gyroscope, gyros work by using its completely free axis of rotation. Due to this, they can assume any random orientation. The gyros balance is not affected by any amount of moving or tilting.

What else do you need?

So, you have the gyros and the technology. Unfortunately, gyroscopes, by themselves, are not enough to keep a device like a hoverboard in balance. So, what else do you need to make a hoverboard work?  The answer is YOU! Even though our Bluefin Hoverboards don’t require a big workout from your body, to stay aligned and balanced you will need to use your core muscles.

Hoverboard Work out!

Keeping your hoverboard balanced can be a workout for your abdominal muscles, including abs and lower back. Also, the more you do it – the better you become. Despite Bluefin Hoverboards being a self-balancing device, it does require some practice to keep it straight.

The future of Self Balancing Technology

In the last few years, self-balancing technology has improved massively. When the Segway was brought out, people never dreamed that you would be able to use a balance board without a handle. Furthermore, there is still improvements and research being made into self-balance technology. Due to this, we are always improving our boards to ensure they are of the highest quality!

So, Watch this space!

Have a look at our self-balance boards:

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