What Is A Safe Hoverboard: All About Safety


Hoverboards: All About Safety Standards

The first thing that you should consider when getting any electrical item is: Is this safe? When considering which hoverboard brand to purchase from, safety certifications is the first thing you should look at. Despite the Media storm surrounding Hoverboards in December 2015, Bluefin has always supplied top quality products that have passed every safety certification going!

Which safety standards should I look for when buying a swegway?

When looking to buy a safe hoverboard, there are many different safety standards that boards and components should be tested too. For boards being sold within the EU they should be tested and compliant to a minimum of CE standards. Keep an eye out for the CE logo when researching which safe hoverboard brand to buy from. Still to this day, many sellers are offering boards which are not tested to CE Standards.


All our models of hoverboards have been fully tested to be safe and compliant with all EU standards. This is the main reason why we are the only trusted UK supplier to Amazon Europe.

Hoverboard Batteries: Which are the best?

When buying a safe hoverboard, you need a battery that is; designed to last for as long as possible, be completely safe and have a zero percent chance of fire risk! There are three types of batteries currently on the hoverboard market today:

  • Chinese battery cells
  • LG battery cells
  • Samsung battery cells

Chinese battery cells – these batteries are very poor quality. They are the budget range and do not give the output or quality from the branded battery cells. Generally best to stay well clear of these.

LG – Next step up from Chinese. Average quality and output/range. You may get boards for cheaper if they contain LG Batteries.

Samsung – If you want a long lasting, safe battery then look out for suppliers that supply boards with Samsung batteries. They have the highest specs and ultimate build quality. Boards with Samsung batteries may be slightly more expensive, but, they cost more for us to put into our boards. Like with most tech items, you get the quality that you pay for!


Here at Bluefin, we use only Samsung batteries in all of our hoverboards. All batteries and boards have been fully tested by verified UK test labs. You are guaranteed to get the ultimate ride time and power from these long-lasting batteries.

So, which hoverboard should I buy?

Due to there being such a range of different makes and models of hoverboard on the market today. It can be extremely confusing as to which is legitimate. Check out our blog on buying a hoverboard safely. Although we are biased, obviously, towards our great brand. We believe that our products, reviews and safety certifications speak for themselves.

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