How To Recognise Safe Hoverboards

Make sure your Swegway is legit with these tips!

Hoverboards are very popular and with that rise of popularity, unfortunately, comes the rise of scammers and cheap, unsafe hoverboards. We are here to help you avoid the unsafe hoverboards and make sure you can buy with confidence!

The tips below will help you identify which hoverboards are safe and ready to ride, but also show you which should be returned swiftly to the manufacturer.

The Company

First things first, you need to check the Company! It sounds silly but we come across so many hoverboard sites that look legit, they have all the right information on and seem like established companies. It is completely understandable why people buy from these sellers as to the untrained eye the sites usually look like reputable companies.

Firstly, the best thing to do is check the company number. Also, it is worth to look at how long the company has been established. Also, if a company has been set up recently or for just a year, this is usually a red flag.

Why not check out our Blog for more information on how to check it a Hoverboard company is legit.

The Plug

As advised by Trading Standards, you should always check that the three-pin plug on the model states that it is made to BS 1363. This is a must when buying a hoverboard as a poor-quality plug can lead to overheating. In the worst cases, it has led to hoverboards catching fire!

Another important tip is that you should look out for the shape of the plug. Clover-shaped plugs have been deemed unsafe, so it’s best to stay away from them!

Check out this image showing what a safe plug should look like:

The Battery

When looking at buying a hoverboard one of the most important things to consider is the battery. A good battery will last for a long time, be completely safe and have no risk of overheating or fire.

What types of hoverboard batteries are there?

  • Chinese battery cells
  • LG battery cells
  • Samsung battery cells

All about Hoverboard batteries:

Chinese – these batteries are very poor quality. They are the budget range and do not give the output or quality from the branded battery cells. Generally best to stay well clear of these.

LG – Next step up from Chinese. Average quality and output/range.

Samsung – These are the Rolls Royce of hoverboard batteries. Due to having the highest specs and ultimate build quality. You are assured to be 100% safe when your board uses a Samsung battery.

Other things to be aware of:

Once you have checked the battery, the next thing is to ensure the batteries have been tested to UN 38.3 and CE. Because, these are the two key safety standards that should be met to ensure a board is guaranteed to be safe and not a fire risk.

Here at Bluefin, we only use Samsung batteries in all of our hoverboards. All which have been fully tested by verified UK test labs. You are guaranteed to get the ultimate ride time and capabilities from these batteries.

More information

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