How to mount & ride your hoverboard

red pumas standing on bluefin hoverboard

You’ve bought your first hoverboard and you are naturally very excited to use it.  Imagine the frustration when each time you try to step on, your board rolls away.  Not to worry new owners, your Bluefin Hoverboard has sophisticated self balancing technology and you will quickly learn how to use it.

mount your hoverboard

  1. Approach your board with confidence and let it know who is boss. This might sound silly, but your confidence in the approach will determine your follow through.
  2. If it helps you can think of your board as the first step on a stair case. Place your entire foot on the board as far to the outside of the sensor pads as possible. Don’t concentrate your weight in your toes, it should be as evenly dispersed  across the width of the pad as possible. When you step your first foot on you will hear a quick beep to let you know your weight has registered and the board is stabilising.
  3. Be ginger in your first movements especially when stepping your second foot on. Don’t apply a load of pressure, try to step on lightly and fluidly. Now step your second foot on and stabilise yourself.

mount your hoverboard - chrome bluefin hoverboard and brogues

  • Now that you’ve got both feet on your hoverboard, practice tilting your hips to move forward and backwards. It might help you to practice this motion on firm ground first. Do it by first sticking your bottom out behind you like a cat stretching and then tilting your hips forward so that your back makes the shape of a cat when it’s angry.
  • Once you’ve mastered this, try it out on your board. You can always hold onto someone arms or steady yourself with a piece of furniture.  The faster and heavier you are leaning forward the faster your board will go. This will seem challenging at first but you and your board will work it out intuitively in surprisingly little time. Confidence is key, wrist pads and and knee pads are also welcome!

Watch our founder Will show you how to step on a hoverboard in fancy brogues!

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