6 steps to hoverkart assembly

Hoverkart assembly

Do you need some help assembling your hoverkart?  We’ve got you covered with this 6 step guide. Don’t let the assembly process intimidate you, even a complete mechanical novice can put their cart together. The kit comes with all the tools, screws and parts you’ll need to get the job done so there is no need to search for anything. A second set of hands is useful for step two but by no means essential as long as you have 2 hands of your own.  If you are a whizz at putting things together, budget 5 minutes for this job. If you are hesitant about your ability, budget a solid 10 minutes. Like following a recipe it always helps to lay everything out in front of you and read through the steps once or twice before getting started.

1. Lay out all of the pieces and get organised. You should have everything here:

hoverkart parts

parts close up


2. Attach the arm pieces to the T-bar seat piece. The T-bar seat piece is the long T shaped piece without a wheel. Slide the metal cylinders on the handles into the openings on either side of the T Bar. Flip the unit onto its side and use the 2 long screws and the 2 nuts to secure the pieces. You’ll need the biggest allen key and the wrench for this. Use one hand to hold the nut still with the wrench and the other hand to tighten the screw with the allen key. This is the trickiest step in the process and if you struggle, have someone hold the wrench while you do the tightening.

handles into T bar hoverkart assembly

hoverkart assembly handles


3.Attach the metal clamps to the T bar seat-piece. 

First, take the metal clamps apart, then feed the bolt through the hole on either side of the end of the T-bar seat piece. Make sure there is a plastic washer on either side of the metal tubing.  Do not over-tighten the screws because doing so will make attaching the other portion of the T-bar difficult and may wear down the tubing over time. Use the medium allen key for this step.

hoverkart assembly metal clamps

Hoverkart assembly Clamps

hoverkart assembly metal clamps


4. Attach the Seat to the T-bar seat piece. Place the T-bar seat piece upright so that the angled metal pieces running across the top are facing towards you, the same way they are in the image in step one. Rest the seat onto these pieces and use the short screws and the medium allen key to secure it to the T-bar. If you flip the seat on its side you’ll be able to see the ends of the screws coming through the back.

hoverkart seat attachment


5. Attach the T-bar wheel piece to the T-bar seat piece. With the metal clamps fully open, slide the T-bar wheel piece into the ends of the T-bar seat piece. Close the metal clamps on either side. Be sure the screws holding the clamps are tight enough that the pieces are secure but not so tight that you cant open and close the clamps and adjust the length of the T-bar with ease.

T bar attached hoverkart assembly


6. Attach the Velcro straps. Flip the kart over and grab the 2 Velcro straps.  With the rough part facing towards you, feed them into the slots on the base of the T-bar under the seat. Fasten them around each slot (1 strap will anchor between 2 slots). You can tighten or loosen these as needed to fit the width of the hoverboard itself when you attach the kart to it.

Velcro straps hoverkart assembly

If you are struggling to attach the hoverkart to your hoverboard, it may be because you have a larger board.  Not to worry, there is one more step for you if this is the case.

7. Widen the attachment points under the seat. If your kart is attached to your board, remove it and set the hoverkart unit upright.  Grab the smallest allen key in the kit and loosen the very small screws on either side of the sliding attachment piece under the seat. Once the desired width has been reached, do the same thing with the other side. Be sure to tighten these screws up once again before attaching your hoverboard.

hoverkart assembly - widen the attachment points


Presto! Your hoverkart is ready.  We’d love to see pictures of how you use your hoverkart so please tag us on instagram with @bluefinhoverboards.  If you’ve got any tips for assembly please share them in the comments below.  If you have any trouble with assembly please contact our customer support team by email and they will respond within 24 hours or less, Monday through Friday from 9 to 5.


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