Hoverboard choreography you can do!

Hoverboard choreography handstand fat suit

With school holidays coming there’ll be loads of time to use hoverboards and hover shoes. Once you’ve got the hang of stepping on and off your board and moving forward and backwards, you’re going to want to sharpen your skills. We’ve compiled a list of the best hoverboard choreography and tutorials from around the web with something for every ability level. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a brand new swegway or you are breathing new life into your trusty old board, there’s something here to inspire you. We’ll start off with the kinds of skills that novices can handle and we’ll wrap up with by far the best and FUNNIEST acro-yoga display you will ever find. Did we mention the fat suits? There will be fat suits.

Beginner Friendly

Take your beginner skills to the next level with crazy sharp turns and and reverse riding action. We’ve all got to start somewhere and the best way to advance to tricks that will really impress is to build a solid base. There is a lot of agility at play in moving quickly on a hoverboard, balance skills and reaction time need to be sharp.  Practice these beginner skills first and you’ll be aceing the hard stuff in no time!

Once you’ve mastered both forward and reverse action as well as sharp turns, you can try jumps and spins. If you’ve got a hoverboard with inflatable tires, you can even try tricks like curb jumps. Just be careful not to take your board over any surface that might damage it and remember that every swegway has it’s own preferred environment.  6.5″ boards do best indoors as seen above and hoverboards with 8″ or 10″ of wheel clearance give you more options outdoors.

Check out these beginner tricks for the skate park.  All 10 of these are doable, even for super beginners. You don’t need a skate park to practice these because many of them are more focused on how to handle a board on an incline or over curbs. These are useful skills to have for normal ridding and even though they may not look super flashy, they will allow you to become a better rider.

Hoverboard dance party!

Looking for inspiration for your hoverboard dance party?  The next videos may look advanced, but actually the hoverboard skills are far more basic than the dance moves. Even still, these are geared more towards intermediate riders with smooth moves. The first video features the cutest girls we’ve ever seen. They’ve got style and smiles for miles to match their awesome moves.

These boys are amazing! Choreography like this is tougher and tougher with each person you add. You can design your own version of this in pairs and add more people if you have friends with hoverboards who can dance as well as you. Be careful on the jumps and make sure your hoverboard is on a surface that it likes.

Acro Hoverboard Competitions

Are you an advanced hoverboarder and do you have gymnastics skills? If so, there is no limit to the tricks and choreography you can do. By far the coolest tricks out there involve acro gymnastics. I don’t know about you but I wish I could handstand on hovershoes. Kailey Maurer sent us this footage all the way from the USA!

As we near the end of our tally of tricks, let’s watch the best display of acro gymnastics you will EVER see. Not only are these guys performing handstands on hoverboards, they are doing it all in fat suits with 2 people on a single board! An idea for the hottest hoverboard accessory next year? Fat suits make excellent stocking stuffers if you can find a big enough stocking.

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