7 Trendster dogs on hoverboards!

Dogs on Hoverboards


It can’t be denied that dogs around the world like to stay on top of trends as much as people do. Surfing? The poodles of Malibu have been carving waves for years. Skateboarding? Every Frenchie in London does it. So it makes sense that the latest and greatest trend of all, HOVERBOARDING, would be no different! We’ve scoured the web to bring you the best and most important dog-on-hoverboard coverage. We couldn’t stop at the top 5 so we actually have the top 7 trendster dogs on hoverboards for you. Is your dog watching? Be careful, he’ll be begging to take a turn on your board!

  1. This little fluffster is hitching a ride between his owner’s feet! Tiny, lightweight pups won’t add weight to confuse your hoverboard’s self-balancing technology. Be careful if you try this, 6 feet on a board is way more complicated than 2!


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2. You can tell this hip French pupster in Marseilles is really feeling the hover action.  Look at his fluffy little face! He and his owner are all smiles and they look good too. Dogs on hoverboards = good. Dogs on hoverboards in cute clothes = GREAT!



3. Obviously this pup is experienced with 2 wheels being a scooter shop dog. We shouldn’t hold the handles against him either. I would’ve loved a pair on my first hoverboard!



4. This one is actually about humans on hoverboards walking dogs, but it’s so funny that you have to watch it anyway.  Everyone knows someone they can easily picture trying this, and laugh hysterically while they do!



5. Not every dog cares about keeping up with the times.  In fact, some don’t have a trendy bone in their body. Raper 2 Chainz might be on point but his French Bulldog Trappy is just not feeling the love hoverboard love!



Don’t worry about Trappy though, he’s all business!


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6. A fashionable Milanese Beagle hovering down the side street. I expect nothing less! He and his owner obviously have a system going and you can see he appreciates the back support!



7. We know they’re good looking but they also say poodles are one of the most intelligent breeds. I think that might be true because these 2 have trained their human to transport them comfortably in their own hoverkart!



In the event your dog is not a trendster, don’t force him to stand on 2 legs. You can make a doggie approved hoverkart with 2 boards and a little elbow grease. Otherwise, you do the ridding and let your pup-partner run or walk by your side.  Be very careful of your doggo’s tootsies & don’t ride over their toes! Does your dog like to ride or walk with a hoverboard? Let us know in the comments!



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