Harry Main, YouTuber, BMX star and all-around cool dude has had a muck around on our Bluefin Hover shoes. We thought we would share the video with you guys, alongside our thoughts.

Harry Main

For those of your who don’t know who Harry Main is, let us educate you! Harry Main is a Liverpool born, BMX superstar! He turned professional at 18 years old, and then began creating YouTube videos. His channel is stuffed full of crazy videos, mad BMX skills and his 2 lovely dogs! Check it out here:

Bluefin Hovershoes

We thought, as he is a Northern-er, like us and because he loves crazy stuff, like us! We would send him a pair of Bluefin Hovershoes to try out! As you’ll be able to see he started out shaky, but got the hang of things after a while! Watch the video below!

Crazy Hover shoes?!!!

Now, as you can see, he picked up riding fairly quickly. We wish we had told him to practice on tarmac/flat indoor surfaces. As the concrete, he is on for the majority of the video is a tricky surface to master! But, for a first go, we are super impressed!

We have limited stock of our first lot of Hovershoes, so we are urging people that want to get their hands on a pair, to order now! You can do that here! 

Hovershoes Competition

We are running a Hovershoes Competition on our Facebook Page! To find out how to win a pair of Bluefin Hovershoes, click here. 

To find out more about our competition, read our blog post about it: Hover shoes Competition! 




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