Bluefin’s BLACK FRIDAY 2018 Hoverboard EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

Black Friday Deals 2018

It’s that time of year again, the biggest sale of the year is just in time to prep for the holidays.  Our crazy Black Friday deals will help you stuff your stockings and get all the wrapping done before you even utter the first syllable of “DECEMBER”.  So what is Black Friday anyway? Originally from the USA, Black Friday sales are traditionally held the day after the American holiday of Thanksgiving. We haven’t imported the tradition of turkey and stuffing in November, but we sure do love giving you BLACK FRIDAY DEALS! So, what crazy discounts do we have for you this year? One thing is for sure, stock is limited and at these prices our hoverboards really are flying! 


Bluefin Rugged Terrain

All Terrain Rugged with App – Originally £329, now £229

QUICK TAKE: What’s AWESOME about the All Terrain Rugged? If you crave 4×4 style and want your hoverboard to feel like part monster truck, part Range Rover, you need RUGGED!

Do you want a water-resistant board that can stand up to the toughest stuff all through the seasons? Rainy days won’t slow the All Terrain Rugged down. Slosh through the mud and and bruise through puddles without missing a beat, this board doesn’t mind getting wet. Our integrated App allows you to track your trip, control speed and turning ability. Parents will find this feature useful for ensuring a safe ride. 


Black Friday Hoverboard sale hover kart Bluefin

All Terrain rugged + Kart & App – Originally £329, now £269

This is a screaming good deal on a our most rugged board and Kart bundle.  Enjoy off road rides with 4×4 style tires while seated or standing, you don’t have to choose only 1! What makes our Kart great? Bluefin’s kart is super comfortable, easy to attach and extra foam pads ensure it stands up to the action your kids will demand of it.  Let them prowl through the wilds with our board and App, then see where they’ve been and how quickly they got there!


Black Friday hovershoes 2018 Bluefin

Bluefin HovershoesOriginally £399, now £259

QUICK TAKE: What’s AWESOME about HOVERSHOES? Hovershoes give you a gliding platform for each foot meaning your ride has far more potential for dynamic movement, tricks and creative free style ridding! Our Self balancing tech makes them easy enough to master by anyone who can ride a hoverboard. The coolest yet, they can be split up and used independently. 

Flex your agility muscles with Bluefin’s ultimate Hovershoes! Take your ride to the next level with pretty well limitless ability for advanced tricks and freestyle riding. We have managed to jam pack our Hovershoes with the same self-balancing technology as our full sized hoverboards making them the most advanced on the market. Just turn them on and watch them level ready for you to hop on and zip off to some of your best tricks yet!


Bluefin Slick Terrain hoverboard Black Friday sale 2018

Slick Terrain with App – Originally £329, now £239

For F1 style tyres and a super slick & sporty ride, try our Slick Terrain! This board stands out from the crowd with it’s water resistant, rugged casing and  rubber tires that look at home on a race track in Monaco.  Enjoy smooth rides at speed with self balancing tech that makes stepping aboard and setting off easy as pie. Use out App to track your ride, check battery levels and adjust your speed and turning capabilities. This hoverboard gives you everything you need for an outstanding outdoor ride!


Black Friday 2018 Bluefin Hoverkart

Slick Terrain with Kart + App – Originally £329, now £279

You wanted it all so we’re GIVING IT TO YOU! Enjoy all the features of the super sporty Slick Terrain while seated or standing! You can turn your hoverboard into your own crazy fast, high-grip go kart or ride it like a hoverboard, the choice is yours! The hover kart add on makes this a great option for riders who’d like a gentle learning curve and parents who’d like kids to take things one step at a time. Do it all with our awesome App which allows you to limit speed, turning ability and tracks your ride. 


bluefin Black Friday Sale 10 Cobra

10” Black Carbon CobraOriginally £299, now £235

What’s cooler than our 10” Cobra? The Cobra carbon model! This is the ultimate high quality, race car style finish on one of our customers’ favourite hoverboards. The Cobra has an extra high wheel clearance making it fantastic on taller grass, gravel and steep hills. Taller riders will love the extra height combined with inflatable rubber tyres and their shock absorption ride after ride.


Bluefin Hoverboard with Kart Black Friday

10” Black Carbon Cobra with Kart –  £275

Bluefin’s Cobra Carbon + Kart combo deal is a great shout for families looking for fun for everyone. Young kids that aren’t comfortable riding on foot can use the kart, but teens wanting a go kart experience by hoverboard will easily fit in the roomy seat as well. Families with larger riders will really get a lot of extra out of this board and the 10″ wheel clearance absolutely charges through tall, un-manicured grass. Long gravel drives are no problem for Cobra’s inflatable tyres, the bumpier the road the better Cobra performs. 

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